Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to establish the kingdom of God promised by our Lord Jesus Christ…… Archbishop Irefin



Archbishop David Irefin is a professor and renowned economist with almost 40 years teaching experience in the university. In 2017 he was ordained an Archbishop in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star by Leader Olumba Obu. In this interview with OYIBO SALIHU in Lokoja, Kogi State the academia says for the peoples of this world to have peace, they have to key into the teachings of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu which is contained in the “Everlasting Gospel”.


Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in one of the interview granted in 1990 to Radio Cross-River advised His followers not to eat meat. What do you think is responsible for such advice?

In the beginning God said thou shall not kill, and I believe that, that God has not changed. This is because, He is God of yesterday, today, tomorrow and till eternity. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has brought love, peace and joy. He has come to unite all creation of God. Accordingly, there should be oneness and unity of all God’s creation.

We are one with angels, animals and spirits. So if we start killing ourselves can that house stand? God has said from the beginning that, thou shall not kill and shall not eat blood. These two injunctions coming from God are everlasting injunctions. Thus, if we kill any animal, it implies that we are killing ourselves and also eating ourselves.

Thus, God created Man to live inside Man. However, when we kill and eat animals Man becomes polluted and God departs from him. Once Man allows other spirits to in dwell in him, he will be subjected to suffering, confusion and death.

Therefore, all the problems Man is facing today in the world such as fighting, quarrelling, anger and evils emanate from eating of meat and fish. If you eat meat and fish, you have polluted yourself and God will depart from you giving room for other elementary spirits to stay inside and torment you.
Look at all the suffering Man is passing through today, it is as a result of eating meat and fish. All the division, discrimination, quarrelling and other vices plaguing the human family is due to the fact that people eat meat and fish. So if we don’t eat meat and fish, we will not be sick and we will have the courage to obey God injunctions.

It is a fact that there is never a time God said we should eat meat and fish so all the suffering man is passing through now is because of eating meat and fish. If we can stop eating meat and fish then we will be free from trouble, suffering, confusion and death because the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us on the way to God.

Thus, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come as a Supernatural Teacher to teach and lead Man to the accurate knowledge of truth. Furthermore, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has revealed the nature of God to be love, peace and joy. It therefore means that since Man is created in the image of God, Man must also be love, peace and joy. In fact, our slogan is live and let others live.

This is how it has been from the beginning
For instance, a day to my baptism into the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, I slaughtered a ram for consumption however when baptism was administered on me I had a dream that night where the Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu appeared to me and instructed me not to eat meat and fish any longer. Right from that day He gave me the ability not to eat meat and fish.

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Consider in the scripture, when Daniel and his brothers refused to eat the meal of the king but rather pleaded to be fed on vegetables for ten days before been brought before King Nebuchadnezzar. The steward agreed to their request and were subsequently fed on vegetables at the end, Daniel and his brothers were blessed by God with knowledge and skill in all literature, wisdom and understanding in all visions and dreams.

In another instance, king Nebuchadnezzar compared himself to Almighty God and God changed him to an animal and he fled from his palace and made the bush his abode. So you can see the importance of not eating meat and fish. It could be seen from the above that those who were fed on king Nebuchadnezzar’s meal lack the knowledge and wisdom of God to the extent that when the king had a dream and needed interpretation they all failed and would have been killed if Daniel did not intervene on their behalf. Daniel who was filled with the Holy Spirit gave the dream and its interpretation this was because he was a vegetarian.

Even in the New Testament, it was only John the Baptist who was in the wilderness feeding on locust beans and honey comb that identified our Lord Jesus Christ as Son of God while other prophets, priests and elders could not because they were eating meat and fish filled with the flesh.
Therefore, if you continue to eat meat and fish you are only putting yourself into trouble because the Holy Spirit will depart from you. Recently, medical doctors and scientists have started advising people to stop eating meat and fish on health grounds.

These animals people kill and eat have their kingdoms and supposing we wait for God we can see the usefulness of animals to Man. For example, we all know that Cows can be used for agricultural purposes, Dogs for security, Donkeys and Camels for transportation and haulage. So you can see that God has purpose for everything He has created, if only we wait for God to enlighten and educate us we will be able to use all the creations without any hardship, conflict or problem.

In the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star what is the implication of killing human being?

It is forbidden to kill a human being for any reason whatsoever and that is why Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to right the wrong in our society. Remember, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come with love, peace and joy. He says that Man should exhibit love, peace and joy because Man is the image of God. Therefore, killing man means killing God. And if you kill God will you find peace and joy? If you kill God are you not killing yourself? That if you kill a human being you have killed the spirit of God. Therefore leader Obu says practice equality, live and let others live.
So whoever kills for any reason whatsoever has disobeyed God Almighty? Do not forget that what we owe ourselves is love and no more. God forbids killing of animals not to talk of man that is so treasured by Him.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu had ever said in an interview that he is not God and that he is not a prophet. What is his mission on this earth?

In the name of Jesus Christ now and forever more amen. Prior to this era, God has sent Prophets, Messengers, Angels and our Lord Jesus Christ. God sent many Prophets to this world, but did any of them change the attitude of Man for better? And at the end of the day He sent His only begotten Son Our Lord Jesus Christ who was killed by the Jews. God has no person to send again, He has to come by Himself and He has come.

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He has come by himself to arrange things in perfection. What He has come to do no angel, prophet or man can do. He has come to transform Man from sinfulness to righteousness, to unite all His creation, establish the kingdom of God and teach His creation the way of God.

We can recall that God instructed Adam not to receive any teaching or advice from angels or spirits for his own good but Adam disobeyed the rest is history. Since the fall of Man, Man has gathered angels and spirits to teach him the way of God, this has led to the ugly situation in the world today. Man is now worshiping materialism instead of the Almighty God.

This has led to formation of religions, political systems, different traditions and culture. In fact, no one in the whole world knows God nor worship Him. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has therefore come to reveal the nature of God to Man. He reveals that God is love, peace and joy and that Man must resemble Him in love, peace and joy. Furthermore, He says for Man to attain the nature of God, his sins must be forgiven and remitted. The only way to this is through baptism by all, irrespective of faith and political association.

The requirements for baptism are: repentance, confession of sins and to be dipped inside water like our lord Jesus Christ did by John the Baptist in river Jordan. According to Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, it is this spiritual exercise that God will use to take away the spirit of the flesh that has been tormenting Man and replace it with the Holy Spirit which is the nature of God.

Then the same Spirit that resurrected our Lord Jesus Christ will now be given to you and you will be free. This same Spirit will be changing you gradually from sinfulness to righteousness. For instance, in my own case this Holy Spirit took anyway the spirit of eating meat and fish, quarrelling, fighting and division. All He has come to do is to change us so that we resemble Him in spirit and truth so that we can become Godly in everything we do.

He has firmly established the kingdom of God which is the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He has come to unite all things created by God and put an end to division. There used to be white man culture, black man culture and religious rites but no more in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. All are now one and united. The kingdom is well established very soon you will not hear of war or rumour of war or suffering.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to change the attitude of people from sinfulness to righteousness, but yet the rate of crimes, killing, abduction of people continue to rise what do you think is responsible?

It is just very easy. When you look at those who are committing crimes, you will see that these are people who never have contact with Leader Olumba Olumba Obu’s teachings and practices and therefore have no opportunity to read and understand the mission of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

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These are people who have been deceived by religion. They have been taught that they are different from others and that they are not sinners. If they have the opportunity to be exposed to the teachings of Leader Oluma Olumba Obu they will know that we are all one and doing evil to one means doing evil to God most likely, they would have stopped committing crime.
So because religion has misled people, some even say they are fighting for God these are the wrong teaching and it is this wrong teaching that is responsible for all this mess the whole world is passing through which is applicable to Nigeria or Africa alone. It is a global issue.

If I know that all of us are one, do I need to go and steal public money because I am opportune to be entrusted with public funds? Government money is God’s money and one day whoever handles it will give a vivid account of how the money is spent. If I know that I am my brother’s keeper do I need to steal his money? However, the teachings in religion encourage people to do all the evil they are doing now.

Nigeria as a typical example, no country in this world has more Mosques and Churches per capita than Nigeria, but look at the whole mess in the country where there is no sector functioning as a result of misbehaviour.
By virtue of what is happening in Nigeria now in terms of insecurity, economic quagmire, under development, abject poverty among others, can this country be regarded or tagged as a Godly country? Will you say that Nigerians know God or worshiping Him? The answer is NO because Nigerians attitude, character and behaviour do not fall in line with love, peace and joy which is the nature of those who know and worship God.

In fact they don’t know God because they have refused to know who God is and what He stands for, that is why Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has instructed that the “Everlasting Gospel” to be taking to the world because without the “Everlasting Gospel” the whole world will perish.

It is a fact that where ever there is quarrelling and fighting such system cannot survive. So Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has given this “Everlasting Gospel” which must be preached to the four corners of the world for the salvation of Mankind. This “Everlasting Gospel” which is the only book God Himself authored since creation is to guide his creation to righteousness and the foundation is universal love, truthfulness , kindness, faithfulness , tolerance , be merciful and forgiveness.

Thus, when all churches, mosques and even all the shrines in Nigeria key into the “Everlasting Gospel”. Nigerians will practice equality, live and let others live. And for you to be a big man, it does not mean that you build houses all over or acquire series of cars but somebody who is filled with love, peace and joy. You are then a big man/woman because you are the one that God will listen to when he/she prays.

Again I have to emphasize here that Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has sent us out to propagate the “Everlasting Gospel” and it is very good and germane for those in churches and mosques to have the “Everlasting Gospel”, let all the herbalists, politicians, students religious and traditional leaders and others have copies of the “Everlasting Gospel” so that they can be guided into love, joy and peaceful coexistence.


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