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Archbishop David Irefin is a Professor of Economics ordained an Archbishop in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in 2017. In this interview with OYIBO SALIHU in Lokoja, Kogi State. Professor Irefin says division is the worst sin before the Almighty God and urged people irrespective of religion and tribes to embrace the teachings of Olumba Olumba Obu.


The world today is in a precarious situation as a result of diseases, discrimination, hatred and racism. What are the causes and the likely solution?

In the name of our lord Jesus Christ now and for ever more, Amen. What we are witnessing in the world today is not new because when our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world some two thousand years ago , He also witnessed these misleading teachings.The people of the world gathered preachers and teachers for themselves.

These teachers you see in various religions, political systems and secret societies are the sources of these misleading teachings, which have created divisions in the Human family. Division is the worst sin before the Almighty God. Consequently, it has given birth to hatred, discrimination, racism, ethnicity, diseases, suffering and even death.

So, these misleading teachings go contrary to the original plan of God; which is oneness. Any attempt to practice these misleading teachings always make man to be fighting against the will of God, the consequences of what you are witnessing in the world today.

Thus, these misleading teachings are responsible for all the atrocities such as; racism, discrimination, oppression, nepotism and other vices that are plaguing the human family today. For instance, how do you justify one’s claim that one’s race is superior to another race, or man superior to woman? This type of claim is certainly not from the Almighty God but the evil one who is the source of the misleading teachings.

The question is which race is superior and which is inferior? This division is the source of endless crises among the human family today. You can imagine a typical community prior to religion or politics who used to live together peacefully.

However, as soon as religion or politics enter the village, oneness is destroyed because self- acclaimed righteous persons will take it upon themselves to judge and condemn others resulting into crisis. Others even personalize God, as if God is no longer a universal God reducing others to lesser human beings creating disunity in human family.

Therefore, if the owner of the world, who is God Almighty, says there must be oneness and certain individuals now come up with the teachings that create division, will it be well with such people? So the law that governs this world from the Beginning is Universal love which is oneness, Live and let others live.

In as much as these misleading teachings are encouraged and being practiced, Man will always be found opposing the will of God. The price for the misleading teachings is for Man to face the wrath of God which leads to damnation and destruction. So the consequences of racism, tribalism, discrimination and social inequality are what we are witnessing as diseases, insecurity, unemployment, suffering and confusion.

What is the way forward?

The way forward is to retrace our steps as prodigal children and go back to the Almighty God. Recall, in the beginning of this interview I said that our Lord Jesus Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit who is the Promised Comforter to teach and lead humanity and other creation of God to the accurate knowledge of truth.

So, the way forward is for us to seek and search for the Holy Spirit who now dwells in our midst. The Holy Spirit of truth has since manifested and completed what is written about Him. He has authored the ‘Everlasting Gospel’ which is the only book since creation written by God Himself to guide and lead humanity and other creation to oneness .

The Everlasting Gospel of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is to guide humanity to righteousness, purity, oneness, prosperity and eternal life.

What makes Leader Olumba Olumba Obu’s teachings different from other existing teachings?

The difference between Leader Olumba Olumba Obu’s teachings and the rest of the misleading teachings is that the misleading teachings originate from the world (flesh/carnal) while that of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu originates from God Himself (spiritual). ‘The Everlasting Gospel’ is the direct teachings by God himself, which is the mind of God. Prior to the manifestation of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, no person in the world knows the mind or the nature of God because everybody was drunk in the doctrines of fables and demons. If you can take your time to ask all the religious and political leaders their opinion about God, they will tell you they know God and they are worshipping Him.

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However, the question is; is God found in division, since none is working towards oneness? With the manifestation of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu we now know that anyone who knows God will not get involved in causing division. He revealed the true name of God as love. He explained further that the Father is love, the Son is love, and The Holy Spirit is also love. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu emphasized that man is created in the image of God. The question is; what is supposed to be the nature of Man? The answer is known to all of us. Man is supposed to be Love, as he is in the image of God.

Therefore, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to elevate Man to that spiritual consciousness of realizing who he is. As soon as Man is spiritually conscious of being the image of God, he will start to radiate peace, joy, mercy, tolerance, forgiveness, truthfulness, humility, patience, goodness and other virtues of God.

Does God see the difference between man and woman? The answer is no. So when you start saying this is man, this is woman, this is child , this is adult you are now a carnal person because God is neither man nor woman. God is Spirit.

Accordingly, those who believe in God do not see color of skin, gender, social status, religion, but they see oneness. All these are contained in the Everlasting Gospel which contains the teachings and practices of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is an epitome of humility.

It is not unusual to see Him sweeping, serving and providing chairs for His visitors while He sits on the floor. He lives a very simple life, embracing all, the self -acclaimed righteous, the sinners, the poor, the rich, man, woman, and child. In fact He uses one cup to serve everybody.

He demonstrates that Gods love is the same for all irrespective of color, gender or social status. Until Man derailed, the initial plan of God was to bring every thing he created together under the ruler ship of Man. This was the reason why He told Man to have dominion over the things He created.

Dominion in this context does not mean killing and destroying the creation of God. But that Man should put a mechanism in place to make sure that there is equality such that all things created live in Peace and Oneness. Remember that Adam and Eve once lived together with other creatures and no record of harm was found on other creatures.

In addition, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has used his teachings to change even his immediate environment. Olumba does not see difference between Christians, Muslims and the traditionalists. Whosoever goes to Him, He embraces without an iota of discrimination because that is the handiwork of God. He has encouraged all His followers to emulate His lifestyle as that is the only way to be free of problems, gain salvation and have eternal life. It is on record that the warring communities in South-South and South-East who could not secure peace and harmony through Government security agencies such as police and armed forces have found peace, harmony and progress with the adoption of Olumba’s teachings.

The words contained in the Everlasting Gospel are empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the sinful Man to righteousness. Therefore, making copies of the Everlasting Gospel available to Nigerian President, Aso rock workers, Federal executive council members, members of the National Assembly, all Governors and the wise will do us good because going through the Everlasting Gospel will make the Holy Spirit to take control over the running of Government affairs.

Adoption of the Everlasting Gospel at the levels of individuals, families, communities, schools, churches, shrines, mosques and government offices will eliminate stealing, lying, nepotism, greed, killings, tribalism, discrimination and inequality. Nigerians will learn to coexist peacefully without making reference to tribe, religion or state of origin.

The core of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu’s teachings is Love and where ever there is Love there is no law. This is because what we owe one another is love and there is no person, how highly placed he or she may be has right to judge because we are all equal before God. You can now see the reason why the world would not survive with the misleading teachings they are currently drunk with.

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My joy is that the manifestation of Leader Olumba Olumba has put an end to evil such as discrimination, hatred, inequality, racism, religious bigotry and the likes whether this generation likes it or not. If He has not come by now the world could have perished because Man has no patience and he is very arrogant claiming that he can do this or do that not realizing that he can not do nothing except God that can do everything.

Making the Everlasting Gospel available in Nigeria, for instance at the level of a family if a child receives this teaching from nursery to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions such a child will grow with that teaching that every human being including other creatures are one and there will be no problem in the world.

If Nigerians had accepted the teachings of the Everlasting Gospel people couldn’t have been talking about herdsmen attacks, banditry, kidnapping, ritual killings and other heinous crimes against humanity because these perpetrators would have been transformed because they would have embraced the teachings therein.

That is the reason why Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has directed that His teachings be taken to every corner of the world so that it will guide traditional rulers, Pastors, Imams, political office holders, teachers, doctors and everybody on this planet earth.

For more information on the Everlasting Gospel you can visit: immortal words application on google play store and the Everlasting gospel application. It is timely now for the earth dwellers to do away with misleading teachings, whether you are from America, Asia or Africa or Arab world, we should see ourselves as one. When you read the scripture it says “Let there be” which is a very strong words from God. So all the animals are one irrespective of sizes. Animals and other creatures are not to run away from Man, and Man is not supposed to kill or harm them for any reason whatsoever.

Man is supposed to have dominion and having dominion means to plan, manage and control them and settle conflicts when they arise. This is the level the teaching has gone and that is why in any Brotherhood setting nobody kills any animal no matter how small.

Doing so means killing God’s creature and resulting into problems as we are now experiencing on earth. Take a look at the problems facing America, Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East all emanate from lack of truth. Falsehood has taken over the world. People are ready to lie, to kill, to go to war, to destroy.

The question is; has God appointed a policeman or judge over the activities of Man? Is this world and the content therein not owned by God? Remember, every ruler or religious ruler will give account of what they are doing before God. God is the owner of everything and God has never asked any body to fight on His behalf for any reason. If Nigerians can in humility key into the Everlasting Gospel and make the copies available in the churches, mosques and shrines it will be difficult for people to fight and quarrel.

There will be oneness, none will claim; I am Fulani, Yoruba or Igbo. This is because the Everlasting Gospel will have united to oneness. Then the culture of equality, live and let others live will prevail. This is the focus of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu teachings. One God, one world, one government and one people.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has given His teachings, in what ways can people practice it?

God in His infinite mercy knows our weakness and He has kindly made available His Holy Spirit to guide and enforce love for one another for all those who will willingly key into the Everlasting Gospel. Recall that our Lord Jesus Christ said; ‘I can on my own self do nothing but what I hear is what I say’. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to help all believers to put the word of God into practice. If He asks you to do something, He will provide ways of doing it. Consider our Lord Jesus Christ for example. Not much was known or heard about Him from age one to twenty nine until He was baptized at the age of thirty that the Holy Spirit revealed Him as the only begotten son of God. Baptism paved way for Him to be used by the Holy Spirit to accomplish all what He achieved.

Our Lord Jesus Christ consistently maintained that He was not the one doing all those things but rather His Father the Holy Spirit that accomplished all the feats. Compare this with the current practice of religious and political leaders claiming to be the doer of everything. This is because they are not led by the Holy Spirit and subsequently, they claim the glory and honour due to God.

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It is in view of this that Leader Olumba Olumba Obu directs that we should all be baptized irrespective of our status and religious belief or affiliation so that people can be given the Holy Spirit of God. It is the duty of the Holy Spirit to transform and reform Man to the standard expected of Him by God such that a pastor will become a better Pastor, Imam to be a better Imam, a politician to be a better politician, a doctor will be a better doctor and so on and every glory goes to God.

What baptism does is to make everybody become the Christ of God so that we always see ourselves as one and equal filled with the same Spirit. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to change and transform us gradually until we become righteous and gain entrance into the kingdom of God. This is the key to practicing the teachings and practices of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu contained in the Everlasting Gospel.

How can people acquire Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit of God is made available to all those who are willing to do good. Anybody who wants to follow God must stop doing bad things, repent, confess and be ready to be baptized in a flowing stream or pool of water in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ. So when we confess our sins and get baptized our sins are forgiven and remitted and you become a new person.

And right from that moment you are given the ability to practice the Everlasting Gospel. This does not require burning incense, beating drums and catechism. Baptism does not require any payment and can be administered at any time.

Nigeria is passing through serious economic doldrum , as a renowned Professor of Economics what do you think those in government should do?

Honestly, what is happening in Nigeria today is beyond carnal knowledge. It goes beyond classroom economics or political science. This is because we are paying for our sins. We have hated, discriminated and lied against one another. And unless we accept that we have wronged one another and be ready to reconcile and forgive, the suffering has not even started.

Remember, God does not listen to the prayers offered by sinners. So all prayers organized in religious places, political places, secret societies in this country do not attract the attention of God.
Thus, the only thing that I think will work is for the President, his cabinet, the National Assembly members, the Governors should look inward to see where they have gone wrong.

So, let every Nigerian confess his/her sins and beg God for forgiveness then the solution will come out. There is no amount of prayers and fasting organized in the present day church, mosque or shrine that will provide solution to Nigerian economy because we are so divided and division is the worst sin before God.

It is obvious that any house divided against itself will definitely fall. The solution to our problem is not farfetched, but certainly not from America or Europe or Asia because their own problems have even overwhelmed them. How then do you think they will abandon their own problems to attend to our own? This era is the era of the Holy Spirit. It is ordained that only the Holy Spirit will solve all problems.

I therefore make bold to say that the leadership of Nigeria should without hesitation go in humility to Calabar to genuinely seek the face of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu , who is ordained before the foundation of the world to solve Man’s problems. Of a truth, only His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has the blueprint to the transformation of Nigeria.

If President Muhammadu Buhari can go there today I am assuring you that the problems of Nigeria will be solved. When South African people were tired of suffering as a result of apartheid they went to Calabar to see Leader Olumba Olumba and their problems got solved with just a pronouncement that He has dissolved apartheid and released Nelson Mandela from prison to become president of the country.

Therefore, the current strategy of endless borrowing will plunge Nigerian economy into more serious problems than imagined.

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