The fake news of associating the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Dr. Edward Onoja in a fraud with Gabriel Onoja is not surprising to come from Sahara Reporters whose flourishing enterprise is that of fake news and misinformation.

Ignoring this gradually disappearing medium would have been the best and golden decision to do, but this response is to safe those that will be misled by their fake news.

This response is for those who are not familiar with the mode of operations of Sahara Reporters whose place of operations and style of ‘journalism’ is not only disheartening, but unprofessional and capable of igniting crises in a society.

Sahara Reporters has a penchant for misinformation, fake news and associated with all forms of cyber bullying.

Unfortunately, their fake, unenthusiastic and poorly written report on the above subject is coming very late as the two business partners have settled their mild disagreement which was misunderstood and wrongly presented by Sahara liars.

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We wish to put on record that Gabriel Onoja did not defraud any person or group of persons or organization. More importantly, he had legitimate business with his partners from which some disagreements arose and has already been amicably resolved and settled.

More worrisome is the way this known media bully and pen terrorist organization linked the person of the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief (Dr) Edward David Onoja to be a business associate of Gabriel Onoja where they have never had any business transactions.

PFTN wishes to state categorically and absolve the person of the Deputy Governor of Kogi state, Chief (Dr.) Edward Onoja from any criminal allegations being imagined or peddled by Sahara Reporters and its cohorts.

Chief (Dr.) Edward David Onoja does not have any business either in person or by proxy to do with Gabriel Onoja and his company. This is not to deny the fact that as citizen of the state and his brother from the same local government as well as a leader for all in the state, associating with Gabriel as seen in a picture taken at a function only shows the pettiness, idleness and lack of news content available to the reporter and the medium who cooked and presented the story to bully PFTN, Edward Onoja and Gabriel Onoja.

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We wish to use this medium to apologize to the person of Chief Edward Onoja, Deputy Governor of Kogi State and his office, supporters and well-wisher for any embarrassment this has caused.

We also wish to advise Sahara Reporters who is inversely known for fake news, dangerous twist, misreport and wrong colouration of events and dishonest fabrication of news stories purposely to spark social agitation or malign the character of respected people to send their reporters back to school of journalism where basic journalistic lessons can be given to them.

Sahara Reporters’ variant of journalism is no-par-value as against evidence-based, factual, authenticated and verified reports of a credible medium.

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Since Sahara Reporters have made it medium a fertile ground for a classical study of an abuse of the new media and its irresistibility by gullible people, we urged Nigerians and Kogites to be wary of this hungry and self-seeking media known for fake news and misinformation.

We urged supporters, business partners and friends of Gabriel Onoja and his company, PFTN to remain law abiding, resolute and continue to support all that is good and lawful.



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