The Vicissitude of the recent past, I cannot stand behind the fence being a utility player, Says Ohikere



Kogi political scene is always an interesting arena given the fine and resplendent array of personalities usually jostling for the opportunity of attaining public office and enjoying the privilege of using political power to accomplish set objectives for the common good and progress of our beloved state.

I, like many others is a well known veteran gladiator and an ardent believer in the possibilities and potentialities that our political economy could offer to our teeming masses and make our state the envy of the nation.

The political scene has no doubt assumed a new permutation in recent days as forces align and realign as expected as politicking heightens around the time of any gubernatorial or general election.

For my part, i have not crossed the aisle as i continue to fly proudly the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in which the general election of the first quarter of this year gave me a frontline position as the Managing Director of the APC NewsOnline and the Initiator of the Good Governance Campaign under the Independent Campaign Council For Tinubu Shettima and thanks to God Almighty, it was a resounding victory for our great party, the APC as we continue our predominance on a national basis.

In the last few days, the media space has been tumultuous as preparations for the November Governorship election in Kogi state gathers momentum witnessing a flurry of activities and an even greater flurry of speculations. Speculations about the activities of some key stakeholders and where they will place their bets, given how dicey the electoral race seems this time around.

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I for sure is under such close scrutiny given my past activities and association with key gladiators in Kogi body politics. Such scrutiny and even speculations as it concerns my affairs and dealing is expected, and i am not discomforted by it. For it is both the privilege and the burden of a politician, particularly one of my political stature to come under such public scrutiny.

Last week Thursday i had the honour and privilege of meeting my party’s candidate for the forthcoming election, Alhaji Usman Ododo, a fine, humane and intellectually vibrant gentleman and i am optimistic and confident that their so much more to see on the development landscape of our great state.

As an elder statesman, Ododo wouldn’t be the first or the last to make such visit and overture to me as indicated by my introduction, i expect to see men of actual and professed caliber and even common citizens coming to me to canvas for my goodwill and blessing as they make the arduous quest to occupy that coveted office of the number one citizen of our dear state.

Let it be clear that I am a politician with an enormous goodwill across the three senatorial district and the cross border relationship has been very profitable for political negotiations over time and it will be brought to bear in the coming election.

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As almost all the candidates for the governorship are well known to me, I can give a vivid impression about them. Like Senator Dino Melaye of PDP who is a very mobile, courageous and strong politician, Hon. Muri Ajaka of SDP another very courageous and bold character who enjoys the support of many people in ‘Kogi East’, Braimoh of AA party from Kogi west is a young and vibrant stock with great developmental ideas and worthy of note is my recent discovery of Admiral Jibril Usman of Accord party, a man who has done a lot for his people and with an outstanding record in the Navy or is it Usman Ododo of APC, my party that is very unassuming, very focused, a man well prepared for the job and highly dependable.

My initial interest was for Kogi west to produce the APC candidate but as God will have it Kogi Central produced the candidate. I actually worked for Senator Smart Adeyemi, and will never regret it. He’s a man I see as the reliable contestant from Kogi west and it would have been so good to have him in Lugard house. As a party man, I am confident that he will align with the party position.

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Over the past few years, he demonstrated capacity in politics and media management. I supported him because he was the shinning star from Kogi west, but having followed developments after the primary election, I discovered that Hon Usman Ododo has shown much leadership qualities and virtues which is drawing attractions. While my doors will remain open to receive any such political visit of good will and blessing, let it be known and continue to be known that i remain a fundamental pillar of the APC in Kogi state and will wish and work above all to see my party remain in power to consolidate on its progressive agenda in the state.

At my age and standing in APC, I can not stand behind the fence being a utility player, i will not shy away from being a bridge across political factions, particularly if it enhances coherence and consolidation of our party’s base. As we advance further into the political season such opportunities for consultations and negotiations are bound to arise as part of the larger political strategy and permutation.

As the weeks approaches, we would be setting the agenda for the forthcoming governorship election in Kogi state and I am sure that the fundamental issues that will lead to the victory of the prospective winner is very favourable to the All Progressives Congress.

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