Breaking News : Nigerian Youth for Yahaya Bello (NYYB) Collapses Structure for Muri, SDP Candidate



Ahead of November 11, 2023 Kogi Governorship election the Nigerian Youth for Yahaya Bello (NYYB) has collapse its structure and declared their total support for the candidacy of Murtala Ajaka the SDP standard bearer in the forthcoming general election in Kogi state

The coordinator of NYYB
Comrade Ibrahim Mohammed Adam disclosed this on Thursday during a press conference held in Lokoja.

According to him, the group decision to support Muri Ajaka was borne out of his humility, capacity, competence, and character, noting that Muri Ajaka is the best option among other contestants for the Kogi state governorship race.

He noted that the SDP governorship candidate is the only candidate who can correct all the wrongs and maladministration of the present administration.

“Since 2020, I have proudly served as the Chairman and Founder of the Nigerian Youths for Yahaya Bello, a movement that was built on the foundations of hope, progress, and the belief in a brighter future for our great nation.

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“Throughout our journey, we have worked tirelessly to contribute our efforts toward fostering positive change, empowering the youth, and promoting the ideals of good governance. Our collective vision then was to create an inclusive Nigeria where every citizen, regardless of their background, could thrive and prosper.

“However, as time passed, it has become increasingly evident that the sentiments and corruption surrounding our principal have compromised the very essence of our movement. We find ourselves confronted with a reality that challenge our integrity and our commitment to the values we hold dear.

“In view of these circumstances, I have made the difficult decision to collapse the structures of the Nigerian Youths for Yahaya Bello and defect to a new movement that I have founded called Muri Grassroot Awareness (MGA). This decision was not made lightly, but it is one that I firmly believe is necessary for the betterment of our society and the preservation of our moral compass.

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“Muri Grassroot Awareness (MGA) is a movement built on the principles of transparency, accountability, and unwavering dedication to the grassroots.

“Our mission is clear; to awaken the consciousness of every Nigerian, particularly those at the grassroots level, and empower them with knowledge, resources, and opportunities to effect positive change.

“We understand that true progress is not achieved through empty promises or political expediency. It requires leaders who are willing to listen, engage, and take decisive action to address the challenges facing our nation.

“Muri Grassroot Awareness (MGA) is committed to cultivating a culture of participatory governance, where the voices of the people are not only heard but also actively incorporated into the decision-making process” Adam stated.

The coordinator called on members of the political group
to join hands with Muri Grassroot Awareness (MGA) in our quest for a better Nigeria, urging them to rise above the sentiments and corruption that have plagued our political landscape and work together to build a nation that future generations can be proud of.

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“To the Nigerian youth, I implore you to recognize the power that lies within you. You are the custodians of our collective destiny, and your active involvement in shaping the future of our nation is crucial. Muri Grassroot Awareness (MGA) will be your platform, your voice, and your vehicle for change.

“I want to express my gratitude to all those who have supported the Nigerian Youths for Yahaya Bello (NYYB) since its inception. I assure you that our commitment to the ideals of progress and development remains unwavering. Together, let us forge ahead with renewed determination, for the sake of a Kogi that we can all be proud to call home” he said.

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