By YJ Itopa

I am the anointed pastor and prophet of God
God has revealed to me the next President
Is Abuu Ataku of the People Come First Party (PCFP)
But unless Ataku prays with me God will change His mind

I am the star pastor and prophet of God
God has revealed to me the next President
Is Tanuba Amedu of All-Of-You Peoples’ Party (APP)
But unless Tanuba Prays with me God will change His mind

There are prophets, there are prophets
I am the pastor and prophet who sees what other seers
Cannot see and knows what other prophets do not know
God has revealed to me the next president

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Is Pata Obo of Love-All-the People’s Party (LPP)
But unless Obo feed the altar, Altar will change His heart
Obo will fall climbing the tree with a tight fist
Obo will fall climbing the tree if the altar yawns

O you brethren! Harken not to kindergarten men of God
They are little like children wearing pampas in the realm
Of prophesies.Here is God’s voice straight from heaven
Rab Kwankwa of Food with Fruit Party(FFP) is our President

But Kwankwa’s kneels need to nurture my altar
And I ask: How will God in a day put four bottoms in a seat
Does it mean God also knows not who will win this race?
Does it mean their God is different from that omniscient

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Creator of heaven and earth, why will God have to guess?
God who knows our life before and after birth and death
God does not know who our next President will be, how?
Ah! Wonder shall never end with these pious prophesies

We are indeed in a season of mercantile guessing prophesies
Prophesies helping us for a while to laugh away our worries
Before they return like an old curse hurrying us to waste in woes
As politicians fall prey to ‘Feed my God prophets’ in my country

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