Re: Professor Olayemi Durotimi Accused Of Sexual Impropriety, Drunkenness



Individuals who are hungry for cheap fame who stoop so low to take on the dirty job of trying very hard to distract a man so focused on result as the Vice-Chancellor of one of the best university in Nigeria in less than one year in office.

I have read with bewildered amusement, the cooked, manufactured falsehood and concocted desperateness of this mischief makers to tarnish the image, character and personal integrity of Professor Olayemi Akinwumi and his office as Vice-Chancellor of federal university Lokoja.

The alleged Sexual Impropriety and Drunkenness published in the social/online media are the handy work of some disgruntled elements whose stock in trade is to ride on cheap blackmail to instigate the public against a man whose unflinching commitment has given FUL in one year, what it couldn’t get in ten years.

I would not have bothered to debunk this sponsored lie from the pit of hell and a premeditated attack on the person and character of this amiable vc which intentions are evil.

A cursory look at the purported publication shows that it is the stock in trade for this faceless and nameless individual who are sore determined to rubbish the good name of this renown professor of history.

The Public would therefore want to know, why in two months, two unbelievable mile stones were achieved and these elements of commotion never saw it to publish. The only news their satanic sources feed them is hatred for their own state man who should have been encouraged to do more.

These individuals have continued to thread on the side of evil closing their eyes to the dynamic and excellent performances of professor Akinwumi in less than one year. The record must always be put straight for the good people to see and to note.

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Does it not surprise you that this sponsored acrimony,from my finding is coming one day after the news of excellent scoring of the team of professors who were in federal university lokoja’s College of Health sciences for Resource Verification.

There plan is to steal the show by attacking first, forgetting that the man, Olayemi has set his hands on the plough and has refused to allow any evil plan of the enemies of goodness to distract him. It is obvious that these detractors are bent on dragging the name of the Vice-Chancellor, his reputable office to the mud.

While I cannot wait for the official response of the VC whom i have known for over 3 decades or seat and watch a great son of Kogi state constantly dragged by desperate power mongers, have a filled day destroying the good image of our son, it is important to state that the enviable position of the university in the Country and indeed in the North Central is constantly sending hot cold down the spines of these evil minded and faceless vanguards of bad news.

We must all know that the report is meant to malign, insult, intimidate, disorganize, cause confusion within the community of peace loving FULites and kogites.But note, for all intents and purposes, this is highly repressive and must be condemned by all.

Professor Olayemi Akinwumi is a man with an outstanding pedigree and strength of character being blackmailed, insulted and his character assassinated in this manner on social media because he chose to stand on the good side of posterity and refused to be bent over on matters concerning the running of the university, is a perfect definition of the act of sorcery.

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We have it on good authority that some individuals who have decided to fall out of favour with the vc for not dancing to their tunes are constantly cooking up ills against him and his good office.

I therefore wish to state in very strong terms that your purported publication of February 12, 2022 on Nairaland and other social media networks are laced with irresponsible falsehoods, fabricated insinuations that are, but figments of your deluded imagination with calculated efforts to assassinate the character of Professor Olayemi Akinwumi.

Your intentions to insult the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of the federal university lokoja and call to question the integrity of the Governing Council over his appointment is a continuation of your hungry quest for the position you did not merit and could not get even when you planned to gift stolen money to council and it was turned down.

The Vice-Chancellor from assumption of duty has never reported late to office, nor seen in a mood suggesting drunkenness.

If the publishers of this fake news are intelligent enough and have the interest of the federal university lokoja at heart, they will see that the Vice Chancellor’s friendly disposition and demeanor as a gift that has endeared him to many and has consequently brought joy and laughter to this community of academics and administrators.

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To buttress this malicious falsehood, the same group accusing the vice chancellor of nocturnal activities with women, recently published that the Vice-chancellor had relocated to Abuja where he lives only to bow and rise before senators. Are they not confused individuals who have no meaningful engagement but derived joy in doing the work of Satan.

They are so dirty minded and blind to see that while they are busy thinking of the next evil to do, the Vice-Chancellor is busy bringing fruits of dynamic growth, expansion and developments to the university.

While Professor Olayemi has been busy ensuring that over 20 programmes introduced without resource verification were getting the needed attention and the College of Health Sciences being resource verified, the team assessing and endorsing the federal Medical Center as Teaching Hospital of the university does not have the luxury of time to begin to waste it on getting drunk.

He has more work he is committed than getting distracted with women and drink.

Those behind this falsehood and character assassination will in no time meet a waterloo. As the university may no longer keep quiet over this consistent disparaging falsehood against its finest chief executive with proven record of excellence in one year.

Join forces with this blessed professor of history, one of the greatest gift of God to this eleven years old university to make it greater rather than constitute yourselves elements of great wickedness, posterity will never forgive you, and the long arms of the law will sooner or later catch up with you.

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