Hon. Dr. Joshua Dare Venza Marks 100 Days In Office With Unprecedented Achievements




As Hon. Dr. Joshua Dare Monday Venza celebrates his 100th day in office as the Transition Caretaker Chairman of Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State, he extends his heartfelt gratitude to the resilient people of Yagba East for their unwavering support and cooperation. This significant milestone is not just a marker of time but a testament to the dedication and progress witnessed under his leadership.

Appreciation to Yagba East Community

Hon. Dr. Venza acknowledges the invaluable support and unity displayed by the people of Yagba East. Their trust and collaboration have been pivotal in driving positive change and development initiatives across the region. He emphasizes that this journey of transformation is a collective effort, and he remains committed to serving the best interests of every individual in the community.

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Some Of His Unprecedented Achievements in 100 Days

1. Inter-Ward Road Grading and Maintenance:

One of the critical infrastructure projects undertaken includes the systematic grading and maintenance of inter-ward roads. This initiative enhances accessibility and connectivity within the locality, improving transportation and boosting economic activities.

2.Recruitment Of Local Hunters And Coordinators:

In a bid to bolster security and safeguard the boundaries of Yagba East, Hon. Dr. Venza facilitated the recruitment of 69 local hunters and coordinators. Their presence has contributed significantly to maintaining peace and ensuring the safety of residents.

3.Creation of Yagba East Football Clubs:

The establishment of local football clubs aims to nurture talent, promote sportsmanship, and foster a sense of pride and unity among youth in Yagba East. These clubs serve as platforms for skill development and friendly competitions.

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4.Widow’s Empowerment:

Hon. Dr. Venza’s administration has implemented programs focused on empowering widows in the community. Through skills training, financial assistance, and support networks, widows are empowered to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

5.Donation of Sienna Bus to Isanlu NPF Division:

Strengthening law enforcement and emergency response capabilities, a Sienna bus was donated to the Isanlu Nigeria Police Force (NPF) division. This contribution enhances mobility and operational efficiency, ensuring prompt and effective responses to security challenges.

6.Awarding Scholarships to Indigenous Students:

As education remains a priority, scholarships have been awarded to indigenous students of Yagba East. This initiative aims to promote academic excellence, reduce financial burdens on families, and create opportunities for future leaders.

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7.Recorded Highest Appointments of Official Aides:

Hon. Dr. Venza’s tenure stands out with the highest number of official aides appointed, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity, representation, and leveraging diverse expertise for community development.

8.Zero Tolerance for Insecurity:

Under Hon. Dr. Venza’s leadership, there is a firm stance on zero tolerance towards insecurity. Collaborative efforts with security agencies and community vigilance initiatives have contributed to maintaining peace and security in Yagba East.

9 Employment
of Seven Guards and Five cleaners for the Secretariat 

As the journey continues, Hon. Dr. Joshua Dare Monday Venza remains resolute in his vision for a progressive and inclusive Yagba East. With a focus on community development, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, he envisage a brighter future where every resident thrives and contributes to the growth of the region.


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