NFF President, Musa Gusau’s Illegality in Kogi FA Election Must be Addressed!



“The man dies in all who keeps silent in the face of tyranny” is a statement credited to Prof. Wole Soyinka in his book- The Man Died.

In support of the quotation above ,members of Nigeria Football Association in Kogi State are being oppressed by the undemocratic actions of Alh.bMusa Gudau’s leadership of the association.

It is necessary to give a background knowledge to this allegations for better understanding of Gausau’s undemocratic tendencies.

First, Alh Musa Gausau dissolved the democratically elected Kogi State Local Council of FA whose tenure is expected to expire in 2025 because of his pecuniary motives .

Thereafter, Gusau illegally brought in a new Local Council to replace the one he dissolved.

Against this background, the elected Local Council wrote a petition to Kogi State House of Assembly that the dissolved Local Council still had two years in office.

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The petition was referred to House Committee on Sports and after deliberation on the matter, the House Committee directed the parties concerned to maintain status quo until it has carried out investigations and written a report on the matter.

Contrary to House Committee on Sports directives, Gusau put in place a lopsided election/ normalisation committee that turned out to undemocratically impose Hassan Wada on the Local Committee as an unopposed Chairman.

With this development, members of Kogi Central of the Local Council of FA wrote a petition on the lopsidedness of the normalisation committee.
According to the petition, the Normalization Committee has four representatives from Kogi East instead of only two, none from Kogi Central and two from Kogi West.

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Ordinarily, the petition explained further, there should have been two representatives each from each of the senatorial district.

The series of petitions are yet to come to an end as Allay-Dey also wrote to express his displeasure at the latest development in the Gusau’s one man running of affairs of FA in Kogi State.

Allah-Dey’s letter of disassociation from the undemocratic election partly reads “my attention has been drawn to a purported election held into the Board of the Kogi State Football Association where one Hassan Wada emerged as chairman.

I want to state categorically that at no point did I Hon Mustafa Allah-Dey, the Chairman Electoral Committee of the Kogi State Football Normalization Committee conducted or participated in the said election.”

He went further to state in the letter that ” sequel to the above, I wish to say and assure that no election took place as at no point was I informed that I was no longer a member of the Normalization Committee or was I informed that I have been reliefed of my appointment as the Chairman electoral committee.”


“We met and resolved that the election would be conducted after the state election which is scheduled to come up on November 11th, 2023 due to security issues on ground.”
Therefore, we are saying NO to the illegalities of Alh. Musa Gausau in Kogi State Local Council of Nigeria Football Association.

We have gone past the era of military junta when things were done without democratic principles. This tyranny against us must be addressed.
Concerned Citizens of Kogi State .

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